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From the first time I met Peter in 2016 he represented me in my Insurance Claim and straight away he made me feel at ease and gave me hope and strength to fight a dreadful Insurance Company that tried to ruin my life.
I am forever grateful to Peter and his team who believed in me and we persevered for 7 years to have a major victory in 2021.
Unfortunately Peter didn’t get to share our last day in court to know we won my case but I know he was an Angel in heaven smiling down on us and giving us all the luck we needed, the truth prevailed.
I will always cherish my memory of him when I was having a bad day in court having to spend all day on the witness stand Peter took me to the Lindt Cafe’ where we had a hot chocolate and caramel slice to cheer me up, his laughter and love of life cheered you up instantly.
I especially remember the emotional rollercoaster of court and traumatic events I had to relive but Peter gave me a big bear hug once I got through the end of the trial and he was always someone I could trust and rely on and made me feel better.
He was not just my Lawyer but he became a friend, a confidant I could talk to and have a laugh with..
He will be forever missed by so may people but his memory will never be forgotten.
Peter was a very special person, he loved people and cared about them, you didn’t feel like just another client, he was one in a million…..

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