Vale Peter O'Brien

23rd July 1963 – 6th September 2020

“Let the memory of Peter be with us forever.”

Many of you will undoubtedly know Peter O’Brien, perhaps as an important team member within LMI Group heading up LMI Legal or as LMI Group’s Corporate Counsel, while others would have known him as a mentor or unselfish adviser but most of us will know him as a dear friend with a fantastic sense of humour and a man without a mean bone in his body.


Peter was much more than a colleague at LMI, more like a brother to many of us, while to the many team members he mentored, he was a father figure, despite his relatively young age.


Rest in Peace Pete. You will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

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From the first time I

From the first time I met Peter in 2016 he represented me in my Insurance Claim and straight away he made me feel at ease and gave me hope and strength to fight a dreadful Insurance Company that tried to ruin my life.
I am forever grateful to Peter and his team who believed in me and we persevered for 7 years to have a major victory in 2021.
Unfortunately Peter didn’t get to share our last day in court to know we won my case but I know he was an Angel in heaven smiling down on us and giving us all the luck we needed, the truth prevailed.
I will always cherish my memory of him when I was having a bad day in court having to spend all day on the witness stand Peter took me to the Lindt Cafe’ where we had a hot chocolate and caramel slice to cheer me up, his laughter and love of life cheered you up instantly.
I especially remember the emotional rollercoaster of court and traumatic events I had to relive but Peter gave me a big bear hug once I got through the end of the trial and he was always someone I could trust and rely on and made me feel better.
He was not just my Lawyer but he became a friend, a confidant I could talk to and have a laugh with..
He will be forever missed by so may people but his memory will never be forgotten.
Peter was a very special person, he loved people and cared about them, you didn’t feel like just another client, he was one in a million…..


WOW, just found out today and hard to believe

We were a customer of LMI and I had quite a few meetings with Peter and his team, he was really an excellent man. Legal stuff is not fun, but working as a client with Peter made it OK.
My thoughts go out to his family and his colleagues, your loss is greater, but I think that he was a fine example of a man and a businessman and will always think fondly of him.

Paul Daly
Richland Express

7 words in ‘Memory of Pete’:

• Kind
• Passionate
• Character
• Honourable
• Wordsmith
• Humorous
• Determined

That is what Peter embodied in our eyes.
Very fond memories of a simply great and amazing guy, that we were lucky to have by our side.
I remember when we met up in person at the Lindt Café in Sydney, I went to shake Peter’s hand and he said we are way past that and gave me a huge bear hug. We talked and laughed hard – time simply went too quickly. Very sad we won’t get to meet up again.
Janette & Richard Mouttet
Ex clients of Peter’s (from Perth)

Janette & Richard Mouttet

Sad Day

I liked Peter very much. He was a kind, authentic person and I loved talking to him.

Tony Cafe
T C Forensic

RIP Peter

I was very saddened to hear of Peter’s untimely death. We never worked together – we were always (friendly) opponents in litigated disputes. Peter and I also shared a love of music and would discuss great guitarists – I remember attending a Masala gig with him at Camelot in Marrickville. I respected him as a lawyer – great to deal with, fair and total integrity. I will miss him greatly.

Frazer Hunt
Mills Oakley

Gone too soon, going to

Gone too soon, going to miss your words of wisdom, your love of a challenge (especially extra-long pizza’s) and your genuine concern for others.

Paul North
LMI Group

Light-Bulb Conversations

Peter was a friend and inspiration to me. I will always remember our key light-bulb conversations.
A go-getter and lover of life. I learnt so much from him and I will miss him.

Karen Jones
Supreme Court

I remember starting at W+K

I remember starting at W+K many years ago. Peter was so welcoming and friendly, so easy to get along with and with a fantastic sense of humour, very much like us kiwis. Although I have not seen him for many years, I have many fond memories and am very saddened to hear he has passed onto greener pastures. My heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his family.

Claire Tingey
Wotton + Kearney

A broken mould

It is amusing to read other people’s memories of Peter as they show he did not ever change who he was no matter who he was with, as I too have some the same memories…

The hunt for chocolate… smashing 3 bottles of red wine in Rian’s apartment.

One of a kind…We will speak of you forever mate.

Carl Greenhalgh
LMI Group

Pete the music lover

Working with Peter at LMI has been a pleasure and he will be terribly missed by all of us at LMI Sydney offiice. Peter has become a genuine friend and we both shared a love of music . I play guitar as a weekend hobby in a covers band and Peter was always envious of my opportunity to have fun with live music. He attended my 60th birthday party party in June 2019 which was mostly a live band jam night with many of my musical friends. He and Debbie also went to live bands with myself and Diane and we had a lovely day out on Sydney Harbour with them on boxing day listening to a blues band playing and enjoying the sunshine and beer. I will remember him in these moments as well as his ability to cheer up any day at work with his smile and stories. Its so sad to lose him so early in life.

David Bleasdale
LMI Group


What a great bloke , i’ll miss stories of Pete’s misadventures, talking and attending motor cycle race meetings , eating his chocolate and listening to his great advice.What a bloody gentleman.

steve smith
LMI Group

Good old Pete

I’m not sure that any of us were comfortable on the bridge but one thing was for sure. Pete always “Looked on the Bright Side of Life”.
To echo Rian. A dear friend, mentor & confidant who will be sorely missed.

Ian Sjoberg
LMI Group

1st Meeting

It was my first day meeting him, with during my 1st visit to Sydney, it was around 3 PM, I could hear the voice behind me, and the exact words were “Mr.Fernando. Do not sit in front of the laptop, it’s 3 PM and it’s Sydney, go to the city and enjoy your self, don’t take a cab, it’s expensive, take the train”.

He was a wonderful friend.

Winston Fernando
LMi Group

Peter O’Brien

The first week after arrival in Australia, Pete tells me to get tickets to the ACDC concert in Sydney to join Steve & himself, which was the start of a memory-filled friendship.

From scary Halloween clown costumes to ACDC concerts, surf ski’s, and even miniature golf, one thing about Pete was evident – he knew how to enjoy life.

He was a dear friend, mentor & confidant who will be sorely missed.

Rian Jenkinson
LMI Group